Welcome to South Sudbury Wellness Centre

We are a one of a kind multidisciplinary naturopathic centre located in Northern Ontario that boasts 8 enthusiastic individuals all devoted to one common goal: ‘guiding you on your journey to whole health’. You will find your Naturopathic Doctor willing to work tirelessly to determine which combination of our dedicated practitioners will best make up your healthcare team. Your Health Coach ‘team’ will be committed to helping your body unlock its full health potential.

Our integrative approach to whole health utilizes cutting edge diagnostic techniques, treatments and clinical nutrition in conjunction with time honored botanical and homeopathic medicine. The result is an individualized treatment plan to target the cause and not just the symptoms of your illness.

Our 1600sq/ft facility is situated in Sudbury’s scenic South End.

We at Health Coach Naturopathic Health Centre would like to invite all potential or existing patients to browse our website and learn about what we have to offer you.

First-Class Facility

South Sudbury Wellness was designed to meet all of your health care needs. From our in house advanced live blood analysis to the best naturopathic testing available, we emphasize finding the root cause of your issue, not just treating symptoms.

World-Class Service

You can travel the world and never find anything approaching the level of service we provide. Our hand selected team promises that you will feel we welcomed and respected. We will go above and beyond to ensure that you get the medical attention you deserve.

Comprehensive Treatment

We don't restrict you to the basics. We provide you with Naturopathic Medicine, Osteopathy, Massage Therapy, and Natural Dental Hygiene. At South Sudbury Wellness, We Work Together!