Our Team

Dr. Peter Jebreen

ND Naturopathic Doctor

Dr Jebreen was born and raised here in Sudbury Ontario. After high school he attended McMaster University to get his degree in Biopsychology. He then attended Laurentian University where he pursued a degree in Anthropology and graduated with honors. Continuing his interest in Anthropology, he then attained a Masters in Anthropology with a subspecialty in medical anthropology. During the masters program is when Dr. Jebreen stumbled upon Naturopathic Medicine and fell in love with the field.

In 2001, Dr. Jebreen began the Naturopathic Medicine program at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine and graduated in 2005. Since then, Dr. Jebreen has been serving the Sudbury community and helping his patients with a wide variety of acute and chronic illness. When Dr. Jebreen isn’t here at South Sudbury Wellness, he enjoys time with his wife and 2 daughters. He also enjoys doing continuing education courses ranging from cancer treatments and neurological conditions.


Jason Brandow, DOMP

Osteopathic Manual Practitioner

Originally from beautiful Manitoulin Island, Jason Brandow began his education by attaining a 4 year Bachelor’s Degree in Therapeutic Recreation from LSSU. This program gave him great insight into the functions of the body, the interrelationships between its systems, and how to design therapeutic programs to treat a wide variety of muscular and skeletal injuries and diseases.

With the determination to be able to help more people with various conditions and injuries, he then began the Osteopathic Manual Practitioner program at the Canadian College of Osteopathy (CCO) in Toronto, adding another 5 years to his education and hands-on training. Jason also added an additional 3 years of research in osteopathic principles, and was awarded the coveted A.T Still Award for his excellent work after successfully defending his thesis in November 2012. Along with working here at our clinic, Jason is also a professor at the Canadian College of Osteopathy and works as a student clinic monitor to help prepare the future generation of Osteopathic Manual Practitioners here in Ontario.

Jason has no specialty in any one area of the body and considers himself a “global” Osteopathic Practitioner, meaning he can assess and treat any part of the body brought to him. 80% of Jason's clients come in for low back pain, neck and shoulder pain, or headache pain. The other 20% is Jason's sub-specialty of Prenatal and Postnatal care of pregnant women, new mothers, and newborn babies. Jason has taken years to develop his skills in order to successfully treated a wide variety of infant issues with early intervention of newborns with colic, breathing issues, poor digestion, latching difficulty, chronic ear or chest infections, jaundice, and gas issues. The youngest baby ever brought in for treatment was only 2 days old.

Jason has most recently completed new courses on the treatment of Post Concussion Syndrome. By improving the circulation of the brain and brain stem, Jason has already had great success in treating many post concussion syndrome patients, as well as vertigo, and migraines.


Veronique Roy, RMT

Registered Massage Therapist

Veronique Roy graduated from the Massage Therapy program at College Boreal in 2015 and is very proud to be part of the South Sudbury Wellness team. She considers herself a "people person" and loves to get to know each of her clients on a personal one to one level. Her goal is to help make each of her clients feel less pain and stiffness after every massage. Veronique is adored by all of her clients for both her personal attention to them and for her professionalism. She is often requested for her excellent deep tissue techniques.


Marika Straub, RMT

Registered Massage Therapist


Liisa Moore, RDH

Dental Hygienist

Born and raised right here in Sudbury, Liisa Moore is a registered dental hygienist here at South Sudbury Wellness Centre. After high school Liisa knew she wanted a career in the health field and attended Algonquin College in Ottawa studying Pre-Health Sciences. She enjoyed educating people on their overall health and had the reputation of being a neat freak, so upon graduating the decision to enter dental hygiene was a natural choice. She enrolled in the dental hygiene program at Canadore College in North Bay and graduated in 2006. Since then she has worked in a variety of dental offices including general practice, orthodontics (braces), and even oral surgery. With her ongoing desire to better serve her clients and to give them the time and attention they deserve, Liisa decided to go into private practice in 2014.

Liisa enjoys educating her clinets on the connection between oral and over all health which makes her a perfect fit to work here at South Sudbury Wellness. When she's away from the clinic she enjoys spending time with her husband and two children.


Monique Gagnon-Perrin, RDH

Dental Hygienist

Naturopathic Medicine Osteopathy Massage Therapy Dental Hygiene Monique’s interest in dental hygiene began with her own experience as a nervous patient whenever she visited the dentist. She began to wonder how she could improve the experience if the roles were reversed. After graduating from Cambrian College, she used her empathy to provide gentle hygienic care to every patient she saw. After twenty-six years in practice, Monique is still passionate about providing optimal oral care with an understanding touch.

During her career, Monique has practiced in general, periodontic, and peadodontic care. She is currently a part-time professor and clinician at Collège Boréal. Monique is also a member in good standing with both the College of Registered Dental Hygienists of Ontario and the Ontario Dental Hygiene Association.


Ronda Loiselle

Live Blood/Darkfield Microscopist


Lynn Martin

Office Manager